I am a Videographer. Drone operator. Filmmaker.


Hello! I am a freelance videographer, director, video editor and drone operator from the beautiful sunny island of Malta. I offer full-service video production services to clients in Malta and abroad. Creating films and capturing captivating stories is what I’m most passionate about.

I enjoy experimenting so my work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques: documentaries, corporate, short films, promotional, music videos, weddings, experimental and more!

I always want bigger things in life and strive to become better at what I do!



“For me, it’s all about the moment, capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer in a cinematic but honest way.”

My Video Services

video production

Every film, if done correctly, is a small work of art. Every piece of work I produce is a chance to do something special. This is why I give my 100% into every single film I create, from the pre-production all the way through to post-production.


Creative approach

Maintaining the authenticity of your brand while taking a creative approach to your demands is my number one priority. Especially in todays era of online marketing it is important to tell a compelling story and stand out.

drone operator


Aerial cinematography and photography allows me to show the viewer a different perspective and is a key element to realise your vision without limitations. With many years of experience and hundreds of flight time hours, I know what it takes to capture incredible shots from the sky.

video production

social content

I know what it means to create a video that is specific to a certain digital platform. I promise to deliver content that is catered to the preferred size of the screen, digital platform, and target audience.


Video Production Malta